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INTREE Organic Mountain Mon Rose Soap Bar

INTREE Organic Mountain Mon Rose Soap Bar

GST Included

The gentle soap for moisturized and youthful skin


Intree Organic Mountain Mon Rose Soap Bar by Phutawan is the gentle soap from Organic Mon Rose Oil.

It is fragrant, smooth, not irritating, and rejuvenates skin well.

The delicately soft foam from a blend of Coconut Oil and Organic Olive Oil cleanses skin gently without irritation.

Combined with Mon Rose Extract, it restores skin health from sun damage and pollution for skin to return to be moisturized and youthful, while the romantic scent of Rose Oil promotes a soothing touch every time.


  • Gently cleanses skin without irritation
  • Provides delicate fragrance and feeling of relaxation
  • Contains Rosa Polyphenol to help keep skin youthful
  • Provides maximum hydration
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