Island Curries - Various Flavours

Island Curries - Various Flavours


Island Curries use the best wholefood ingredients to produce pastes that are full of flavour so you save time and ensure get terrific results every time.


All products are vegan-friendly, preservative, allergen & gluten free.

Give Island Curries a go " authentic"   " easy"


Size - 50g


Khorma-style curry paste

Heavier and darker in texture and colour than most and is a very aromatic curry paste. The flavour is very distinct with cinnamon, paprika and cumin giving it a slightly sweet taste. 


Bengal-style curry paste

A fantastic product for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It is very versatile, and you can add it to most forms of cooking to add flavour and spice. It can be used to make either a wet or dry curry.


Achaari-style curry paste

A seeded curry paste from the Southern Indian region of Hyderabad. It is an achaari style of paste, which means it contains pickling spices. A very desirable and unique paste.


Madras-style curry paste

Highly regarded amongst even the most discerning of curry addicts! It is slightly yellower in colour than a lamb curry paste, however, with mustard seeds and turmeric being two key ingredients, it is a very zesty flavoursome curry