Surmanti - Insect Repellent

  • NO nasty toxic chemicals or synthetics in this 100% natural formulation, just fresh pure botanical oils. Relentless biting insects can be a big challenge over Summer. 
    Surmanti Insect Repellent contains a carefully-selected, highly-concentrated blend of therapeutic essential oils and hydrosols that:

    • Mask our insect-attracting body scent to biting / feeding insects.
    • Contain Natural insecticides that KILL and REPEL insects.
    • Contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to increase circulation, and dissipate anticoagulant from the bite. Increase healing. 
    • Contain skin-protecting antioxidants, to reduce redness and to cool, numb and comfort bites.
    • Is easily absorbed - aromatic, fresh, lemony and minty.
    • Goes a long way. You need only a small amount. 

    Apply thoroughly to ankles, wrists, and feet, as our blood vessels are nearest to the skin’s surface in these areas, making them attractive for quick and easy feeding.

  • 30ml

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