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White Magic Multi Value Pack Eco Cloth

White Magic Multi Value Pack Eco Cloth


1 Eco Cloth 40x40cm General Purpose Cloth
A double sided microfibre cloth.  The smooth side is for polishing and dusting, the corrugated side is for cutting through tough grime. White Magic General Purpose Cloth is made from bundles of Microfibre threads that act like scrubbing brushes to dislodge and absorb the grime. This scrubbing action is assisted by the innovative knitting pattern that creates raised ribbing of microfibre that creates more surfaces to remove the grime.


1 Eco Cloth 40x40cm Glass & Window cloth
Guaranteed not to scratch or leave streaks. Buffs while Cleaning. Great for cleaning: Windows, Mirrors, Stainless Steel and Crystal. White Magic Window Cloth is made from long bundles of Microfibre threads that will leave a streak free finish on a highly polished or shiny surface. 

1 Eco Cloth 40x40cm Dust & Polish cloth
Specially designed to both attract dust like a magnet and polish surfaces. Great for water sensitive surfaces such as antiques, books and statues.

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