Making homemade dressings can be tricky without the right tool to help mix and serve ingredients properly. Outfitted with a perforated weighted pendulum, the Zyliss Shake ‘n Pour Dressing Mixer combines salad dressing ingredients with a quick shake by pushing oil and vinegar through specialized holes to emulsify the liquids. Imperial and metric measurement markings on the bottle allow you to conveniently measure and mix with one tool. For a smooth, controlled pour, the Shake 'n Pour features a narrow no-spill spout and an air release valve, while the press-and-release button helps to seal the container for air-tight storage.

Narrow no-spill spout with contoured opening allows for controlled pour
Weighted pendulum with specialized emulsifying holes thoroughly mixes ingredients
Shut off valve controls the amount of dressing pouring out while the seal preserves dressing or marinades longer
Measurement markings on bottle speed up prep time
Dishwasher safe

Comes packaged in a box making it a nice present for someone who has everything!

Zyliss Shake 'n' Pour

  • Length: 3.74 inch
    Width: 2.95 inch
    Height: 8.31 inch

    Component - Materials
    Top - ABS, Silicone, POM, SS, SAN
    Bottle - Tritan
    Pendulum - Silicone, Steel, ABS

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