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Avanti Mezzaluna Chopping Set

Avanti Mezzaluna Chopping Set

GST Included

Quickly chop and mince herbs, spices, nuts and more with the Avanti® Mezzaluna Chopper & Board Set.

A simple yet highly efficient tool, the Mezzaluna features two sharp parallel blades to speed up chopping time.

It also features two handles for rocking back and forth to easily and comfortably chop through herbs and vegetables.

The set includes a specially designed wooden cutting board that features a bowl shape indentation that’s ideal for chopping herbs and vegetables. The shape is designed to naturally bring food to the center of the board as you chop with the Mezzaluna, minimising mess and maximising efficiency.

Rubber feet underneath the board prevent it from slipping around your bench.

  • Stainless steel double bladed Mezzaluna
  • Comfortable double handles
  • Wooden chopping board with bowl indentation
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
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