Herb & Spice Mill Gourmet Dips and Spices

Herb & Spice Mill Gourmet Dips and Spices


Tomato Salsa

Never mind the natural season for tomatoes, this unique blend of herbs & spices allow you to create the best ever salsa all year round!


Mushroom and Thyme Dip

Enjoy the perfect combination of wild mushroom and thyme in this creamy dip. Just add sour cream & mayonnaise.


Spicy Guacamole Dip

A traditional Mexican experience! Just add avocado, sour cream and a tomato to create a dip with that essential smooth texture and tangy bite. 


Red Pepper Pesto Dip

Just add sour cream and mayonnaise and watch this dip change colour with delicious chunks of sundried red capsicum & peppers! Or replace the sour cream with cream cheese and serve as a cheese ball to spread on crackers or bagels.


Roasted Garlic & Tarragon Dip

Just blend with sour cream and mayonnaise for a creamy dip that’s simply irresistible to garlic lovers. Top crostini or bagel crisps or use as a delicious herb butter for garlic bread.


No fuss, just throw it together with a little fresh ingredients to take your taste buds to heaven. 


Gluten Free