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Vacu Vin Double Hinged Corkscrew

Vacu Vin Double Hinged Corkscrew

GST Included

The Vacu Vin Double Hinged Corkscrew is an elegant 3-in-1 multi-purpose bottle opener for every occasion and every situation.


The multi-purpose tool combines the features of corkscrews wine bottle opener, bottle openers and foil cutters all in one, and it is suitable to remove the cork foil, open wine corks, and bottle caps.


The double-hinge fulcrum design gives this corkscrew bottle opener a significant mechanical advantage with extra leverage compared to single fulcrum wine bottle openers. Equally, the bar bottle opener for bottle-tops uses leverage and the double fulcrum to effortlessly open beer, soda and other drinks bottles with a crown cap. Together with the serrated flip blade foil cutter, the grooved corkscrew bottle opener slides easily into all corks, both natural or synthetic and makes opening bottles of wine effortless.


The Vacu Vin Double Hinged Corkscrew’s sleek ergonomic, compact and lightweight design, make it easy to carry, use and store. Its high-quality stainless steel components make it a highly durable product for prolonged usage.

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