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The displays are always changing here at Inspire, it keeps it fresh for us and for you! We have had the first of the new arrivals from the Auckland Spring Gift Fair which has brightened up the shop a bit!


Our main display wall is bursting with colour! I love that bold apple green and it pops beautifully against classic red and fresh teal blue! Aswell as timeless (only in style, not function) clocks we have an ever changing selection of wall art just incase the bold patterns coming out in wall paper are not to your taste!


An ever expanding range of home decor, gifts, kitchenware and accessories! We can help find the perfect gift for you or a loved one!


We know you guys love affordable every day fashion that has a bit of a stylish edge so we have responded to your needs and are branching into more New Zealand designed garments that you'll want to wear every day! These labels are at that guilt free price point which means you can buy more for less! Chalky Digits, Ketz-ke, Stitch Ministry & Boo Radley are your favourites at the moment!


To finish on a bright note... How about this gorgeous Zebra Mother & Foal?! This massive canvas was $320 but due to a slight dent in the top so we've had to reduce it to $220! Stunning for a kids room or the family room!

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